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ABOUT - Anna

Hi there! I'm Anna, and I'm an Australian artist who has been obsessed with creating for almost three decades now.

As soon as I started walking, I began leaving a trail of crafts behind me wherever I went. I created "art" out of pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I scoured the mud in the backyard to find the best clay for making pottery, made clothes from curtains—Maria Von Trapp style—and built empires out of boxes, brooms, and blankets. You name it, I tried to create it. No supplies were safe. After a few years of school, a decade of soul-searching on the other side of the world, and a global shutdown, I am now proudly a full-time visual artist based in the United States. Currently finding materials and upcycling in San Francisco, I am dedicated to creating art that inspires and empowers.


-  Ever Evolving & Always Scheming ; )

Bio: Bio

On a daily basis we are inundated with images to compare ourselves to, experiences to envy, and causes to care about. I say, forget all of that. No one needs that kind of pressure, or that much outside influence. 


I want my artwork to serve as a positive reminder for the viewer to refocus, and reconnect with their own unique experience in the world. The moments of peace they have in the work bathroom. The adrenaline that came when they stood up for themselves for the first time. The way they felt when they said “I do”. No matter the subject, I strive to make intimate moments grand. 


Utilizing acrylics and working predominantly monochromatically allows me to faithfully portray subjects through a friendly lense that only serves to champion. I remove any unhelpful background noise, and employ chiaroscuro lighting techniques to ensure only positivity, strength, and beauty are left exposed.

Anna Parsons Bio Portrait


Due to the amount of time (and love) I put into every piece, I predominantly work with a select client base for private and commercial commissions. If you are interested in having a piece commissioned, please submit an inquiry below or send me an email at
* Please keep in mind that the production time is typically one month and there is often a one month+ waitlist, meaning it is always safest to reach out as soon as possible.

Ceramic Vase


The best investment i've made for my office space all year! Anna Parsons' painting completed my office. As soon as we hung it, the whole room made sense. Everything now feels sophisticated, modern and so chic. It is the perfect first impression piece for our visitors.
Utile Article about Anna Parsons Art Commission

- Rachel's Home Goods

Formal Education:

B.A of Creative Industries, Visual Arts


Queensland University of Technology 

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