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If you are interested in commissioning a personal piece, please read through this page for an overview of my current services and base rates. If you have a vision in mind that is not covered below, no stress! Reach out to me and we can create a plan together

that works best for you.

Commissions: Digital Coms


The commission process overview diagram


With personal commissions, I prefer to have at least 2-3 photo references. 

My goal is always to capture and evoke the original feeling behind significant moments, and highlight the subject in the best light possible. Before I even put brush to canvas, I analyze all photo references, unpack your vision, and make sure we are on the same page.


Anna Parsons Art Painting Commission Size Options

11 x 14"

18 x 18"

18 x 24"

* Prices listed are base rates for black and white paintings.

* Discount available for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area

Commission prices can vary from the base rates listed above depending on the complexity of a request, the estimated creation time, and the required turnaround time. Factors that can increase a commission price include, but are not limited to: multiple subjects, the scope of the image (how much is included), background detail, complex clothing or objects, no reference photo or low-quality reference photos, specific size, and/or material requests.

The price of a commission is always decided before I begin work on the piece, and payment will only be processed once both parties

have agreed on the price. :)

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